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This website is for physicians who want to cut their costs, increase their revenues, and produce a better medical record.

Speed and completeness – MediDox’ innovative products solve your charting challenges with efficient record-keeping procedures. The result?

 Practice better medicine:
MediDox believes physicians should treat patients, not paper. MediDox’ templates enable you to quickly and completely record a patient visit or prepare an imaging report.
• Instant turnaround makes your work available to other medical practitioners
  when they need it.
• SOAPMaster for the Tablet PC enables you to document while you are with the patient.

 Increase Practice Profitability:
With a MediDox system managing your patient records, you will bill for what you earn, and eliminate transcription costs.
• Some medical practices are under billing by thousands of dollars each month –
  others are taking audit risks.
• Transcription costs can run from $100’s to $1000’s per month.
• Handwritten notes are the most expensive notes of all.
  Consider the cost of your time plus the cost of incomplete or illegible charts.

 Boost your productivity:
MediDox uses innovative, patent-pending technologies and structured templates to speed the documentation and information retrieval process.
• Use voice recognition where appropriate.
• Handwriting recognition is available on the Tablet PC.
• Document and review documents from home, a remote office, or on the road using
  MediDox Remote Access Network.

 Increase your job satisfaction:
MediDox’ electronic medical documentation systems does the hard work of collecting all relevant patient information, giving you more time for your patients and your life.
• You will never hunt for a misplaced chart again.
• You will find information without thumbing through a paper chart.

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